This is me...

When I had my first child I had no idea what I was doing. With the help and guidance of the nearby lactation consultants I gained confidence and was able to meet my feeding goals. By the time my second child came along I thought it would be easy because I knew what to expect, and after all, I had already nursed one child. However, we were met with a whole host of different challenges. Once again, it was with the support and guidance of the lactation consultants that I was able to move through those concerns. These experiences led me down the path of gaining as much information as I could about how to support other families during this transitional time. After years of learning, training, and over 500 hours of mentorship, I passed the exam and became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I believe that every family should be supported in reaching their infant feeding goals. Part of that support includes education about all possible options. It is not for me to decide what is best for your family, but I can help provide information so you can make an informed decision. If challenges should arise, I am here to help navigate those as well. I look forward to working with you and your family.

Jessi Bustamente, IBCLC,
Certified Birth Doula